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Weatherby .270 Magnum

Weatherby .270 Magnum: W/ Scope

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Savage Model 99c .308

Savage Model 99c .308: .308 Win. cal., 22 in. barrel, Monte Carlo stock with cut checkering and recoil pad, top tang safety, cocking indicator, open sights, ...

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Remington ‘Model Seven’ 7mm-08

Remington 'Model Seven' 7mm-08: 7mm-08 Rem. cal., features stainless steel construction, 20 in. barrel w/o sights, and synthetic stock. W/ Scope Mfg. 199...

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Marlin Model 336W .30-.30

Marlin Model 336W .30-.30: .30-30 Win. cal., 20 in. barrel, blued steel barrel band with swivel, gold trigger, satin blued finish, hammer block safety, 6 sho...

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Henry ‘Golden Boy’ .22 Magnum (New)

Henry 'Golden Boy' .22 Magnum (New): .22 Magnum cal., features brasslite receiver, buttplate, and buckhorn sight, 20 1/2 in. blue octagon barrel, 16 shot mag...

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Rossi Model 92 .44 Magnum

Rossi Model 92 .44 Magnum (New): .44 Mag., 20 in. octagon barrel, blued barrel with stainless finish, 12 shot tube mag., open sights, uncheckered walnut stoc...

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Marlin – Model 1893

Marlin - Model 1893: .30-30 Win., cal., 26 in. octagonal barrels, blue colored receiver, 10 shot tube mag., straight grip stock. Mfg. 1893-1936

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Rossi M92 – Colt .45

Rossi M92 - Colt .45: .45 LC cal., 20 in. octagon barrel, blued barrel with blue/brass finish, 10 shot tube mag., open sights, uncheckered walnut stock with ...

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Henry ‘Big Boy’ .357 Magnum

Henry 'Big Boy' .357 Magnum: .357 Mag., cal., brass receiver, buttplate, and barrel band, 20 in. octagon barrel with 10 shot tube mag., buckhorn rear sight, ...

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Winchester Model 9422m

Winchester Model 9422m: .22 magnum cal., takedown, 20 1/2 in. round barrel, 11 shot (Mag. cal.) mag., grooved forged steel receiver, checkered straight grip...

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